About Bohol

Bohol is one of the majestic 7,107 islands of the Philippines. Seated at the heart of the Visayas region, Bohol is a must-visited island province in the country. It is not only popular for the world renowned Chocolate Hills, but also as a home of many tourist spots and other hidden natural beauty that are yet to be discovered.

Bohol is a tiny oval shaped island that has 47 municipalities and a capital city. Going through its history, Bohol was where the first international treaty for peace took place. This strong bond of friendship is between Raja Sikatuna, the chieftain of the island province and Miguel Lopez de Legaspi, a Spanish explorer. This seal of friendship took place on March 16, 1565. This can be shown on the Bohol’s Blood Compact Shrine where both party drank each other’s blood creating the core of the alliance between these two diverse countries.

Bohol’s countryside is a beauty to behold. Its main attraction is the Chocolate hills located at the center of the province. Its uniqueness and massive number never fails to draw interest among visitors. Second to it is the cute tiny fella called the Tarsier, also known as the smallest primate existing. Its popularity is insinuated by its peculiar size and appearance. There are also spots that are worth visiting such as the Loboc River cruise, a wonderful place where you can stop by and enjoy meals with nature.

Bohol is also most popular for its beautiful white sand beaches whose quality is of top-notch whose resorts and facilities are available providing tourist best comforts during their stay. Not only that, since Bohol is surrounded by 73 islets, it has garnered its name as one of the best scuba diving havens in the country with a variety of marine species and corals for you to offer.

Bohol’s charms are not only for its beaches and its countryside but also for the historical sites that attracts those with curious minds. Boholanos are keen in preserving everything in its history and particularly its faith. Proofs of these are the century old churches depicting Spaniards influences. However, due to the calamity in 2013, a number of these churches have suffered damages and some have fallen but the province’s government is now restoring these churches to its original state.

Regardless of its size, Bohol’s beauty is one of a kind, a must see splendor and a perfect escapade. It might be getting tan whilst swimming on its white sandy beaches or enjoying a nature getaway adventure on the province’s heart or visiting prehistoric places and churches or a relaxing meal over the mesmerizing beauty of nature, Bohol is just the place you might be looking for.